Radka Sokol

cuatro. Dejah Thoris (John Carter regarding Mars)

11. Gaila (Celebrity Trip)

The fresh Orion Servant Women of the new Star Trip series is the brand new prototypical sexy alien people. The smoothness sort of gets a redesign within the JJ Abrams’s Star Trip since Gaila, certainly James T. Kirk’s Starfleet Academy friends. Starred by the Rachel Nichols, she still has new signature green skin, however, it Orion lady is certainly not a slave.

10. Starfire (DC Comics)

Koriand’r, codename Starfire, is actually an enthusiastic alien little princess on world Tamaran. Fleeing this lady household, she looks like in the world in which she touches the fresh new Teen Titans. Having the power in order to blast time, the capability to travel, and you can a tendency to appear inside unusual reddish strappy area swimsuit clothing, Starfire was a zero-brainer towards the hot aliens list.

nine. Aayla Secura (Superstar Conflicts)

Regardless of if she looks merely briefly when you look at the Assault of the Clones and Payback of your Sith before becoming gunned down on ET’s household entire world (I’m not kidding about this) for example a great punk, Aayla Secura (Amy Allen) has become a lover favourite character. She’s the second Twi’lek on this checklist although first so you can manage to put you across the room together with her mind.

8. Neytiri (Avatar)

The brand new Na’vi little princess exactly who determined which whole list is actually a 10-foot-extreme blue feline alien on the moon Pandora. Unique and you will centered on this lady group, Neytiri (voiced and you can played of the Zoe Saldana) gains the center out-of human interloper Jake Sully and you will redefines the brand new alien woman archetype.

eight. Supergirl (DC Comics)

With an excellent twisty history that spans at the least one or two reboots and you will DC Universe crises, Supergirl’s background would be malleable, however, the girl fandom like was corporation and you can unwavering.