Radka Sokol

Love: Again, it Queen was an extremely positive omen in the context of like dating

Introduction: The new Queen regarding Wands is one of the most fruitful (metaphorically and you can actually) and female/girly vitality throughout the Tarot patio. For the an understanding, like all legal cards, she can will signify a literal person in our life, frequently girls, and most usually which have hair tending toward the new lighter colors inside the the fresh spectrum. The newest Queen will bring a great energy, that’s a confident indication to get.

General: The fresh new King out-of Wands may consider a lady exactly who provides extensive fire times from the the lady age.g. Aries, Leo, and you may Sagittarius. When not writing about a literal person, she is short for delivering a lot completed, and frequently, a focus on performs/profession. The new King is actually self-confident, uplifting times.